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What comes to your mind, when you hear the term ‘wish list’? The application of this feature is exactly how it sounds like: a list of things you wish to get. As an online store owner, would you like your customers to be able to save products in a wish list so that they review or buy them later? Would you like your customers to be able to share their wish list with friends and family for gifting purposes?

Offering your customers the feature of a wish list as part of shopping cart is a great way to build loyalty to your store site. A wish list on a store site allows online businesses to engage with their customers in a smart way as it allows the shoppers to create a list of what they desire and their preferences for future purchase.

Does every e-commerce store need a wish list? The answer to this question in most cases is yes, because of the following reasons:

Understanding the needs of your customers – A wish list gives you a better perspective as to what is in your customer’s mind. A wish list can give any online business a lot of information about their customer’s preferences. 

Making online shopping a user friendly and pleasant experience - A visitor, who cannot immediately make a purchase, can save a wish list and return to it later. The visitor will not have to search for his/her favorite products once again. This is especially advantageous for those browsing from a mobile device.

Shoppers like to share their wish list with friends and family - Providing your customers a way to email their wish list to their friends and family is a great way to make online shopping pleasant and enjoyable. If a visitor is creating a wish list to share with their family and friends, they will ensure that the gifts they receive will be something they desire, as opposed to unwanted gifts. It is always a good idea to make the wish list sharable by a unique link so that it can be easily shared though different channels like email or on social media sites, which will ultimately spread brand awareness across social media platforms.

Wish list can be a great marketing tool – Wish lists are extremely targeted and the recipients are always motivated to use them. For example, when your wife tells you that her wish list is on a certain e-commerce store, it’s not a coincidence that your anniversary is around the corner and your wife has sent you her wish list. So what is the first thing you are going to do? You are most likely to visit the e-commerce store, check out the wish list and end up buying something for your wife, which you know she wants and will appreciate.

So what kind of benefits a business owner gets from a wish list?

·         It is a great way to advertise an online store, as many people do prefer to shop with their friends or family

·         It allows the current customers to return to the store site and open doors for the new customers

·         It will help you pinpoint popular items in your inventory. This is a source of valuable market research. You’ll know which products have the potential for increased demand, by merely attracting certain types of visitors to your website.

Jagdish Store offers the feature of a wish list which permits customers to create a list of products that they desire or are planning to buy in the future.